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Common Questions

What is Showcase?
Showcase is a mobile sales solution with a CMS (content management system) and app for iPad or Android tablets. The system helps sales reps and marketing professionals share their company’s products, field orders, and marketing collateral anytime, anywhere.
Who in my company can use the system?
One of the great things about Showcase is that anybody can use it, and in many different ways. Most companies choose to give authority to the backend of Showcase to a marketing or sales director, while reps use the app in the field. With the sales library, however, anyone who wants to show off your company’s products, and share collateral securely, can benefit from using Showcase in presentations and meetings.
Are we able to load the app and make updates ourselves?
Yes. Even if you aren’t tech-savvy, you can use Showcase’s intuitive content management system database to update the app in a matter of minutes. Check out our tutorials in the knowledge base.
What does the catalog do?
Showcase’s Catalog makes your company shine with a viewing platform and order builder for your products. Catalog displays and stores detailed information about your products, including prices, SKUs, descriptions, tags related products, and more. When a client sees something they like, add the product to your cart and build an order to email or push to the Showcase CMS.
What is the Media Library?
Showcase's Media Library is a bookshelf for all of your sales and marketing materials. In one place, you can store and view files from a number of different formats including Word, Powerpoint, Keynote, PDF, and more. Managers can push new files to reps at any time and disable old files that are outdated. Sales and marketing reps can favorite files to personalize their library for more efficient navigation and viewing.
What file types are supported in the Media Library?
Many files are supported within Showcase’s Media Library, including PDFs, PowerPoints, .mov, .mp4, Keynote, Word files, Excel spreadsheets, ePubs, images and more.
How does Order Management work?
When you build an order, Showcase will auto fill information on a PDF. Showcase users can then push the PDF to the Showcase CMS where it can be tracked and maintained by an administrator or email the PDF to relevant parties. For a more seamless experience, Showcase can also link with your company’s accounting and order building software.
Can we integrate with our ERP and CRM systems?
Yes. Just give us a call or email us to discuss your needs: (734) 930-0009 or Also, checkout our manual import and FTP feature sets.
Does the app work offline?
Yes. All of the products, customer information and sales library features are available for use when offline. A sales rep can even write up an order, save the document and send it at a later time when he/she connects to the Internet.
Will it even play videos offline?
Yes, as long as the video was downloaded to the Media Library on an Internet connection, the video will play directly from the iPad’s hard drive.

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