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Company type: Jewelry

Enjada is a reputable jewelry brand with the largest quantity of jade ore in mainland China. It is the only industrial chain that focuses on the distribution of jade jewelry. Enjada was branded in 2013 as the premiere jade vendor for the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Their products mostly sell through stores, shopping mall kiosks, and online.

Why did they switch to Showcase?

  • The company’s rapid growth made their traditional product display avenues appear out-of-
  • This obsolete sales model was ultimately limiting the further expansion of the company.

Their Requirements:

  • Unifiedmanagement of products, with real-time updates.
  • Displaying products in a detailed yet organized fashion.
  • Promoting products through multiple platforms like WeChat and email.
  • Showing their product displays on mobile devices.

Best solution – Showcase:

  • Through Showcase’s back-end management system, Enjada could manage all of their products efficiently, as well as set permissions to ensure the security of the product’s information.
  • Enjada can quickly import products using batch import, greatly reducing entry time.
  • Sales staff can update product data everyday,so each store can display the latest products to customers, ensuring the unified display of information across stores.
  • Tablets can display products more comprehensively and provide customers with detailed information about the product.
  • Emjada can compare products, save products, and compare prices at a glance, simplifying customers’ browsing experience.


In January of 2016, Enjada officially launched online. During the past year of collaboration, Enjada put forward the demand of setting tags to products. Through the earnest work of Showcase’s development team, the software now supports product tagging, which simplifies the search tool.

Enjada recognizes and applauses Showcase for their efforts in providing them with a good user experience. Enjada has extended their subscription and has continued to work with us in 2017.