Jin Jie Medicine

Maui Jim
December 20, 2013
April 7, 2017
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Jin Jie Medicine

Company type: Medicine wholesale, distributor

Why did they switch to Showcase?

  • Their previous product displays were not efficient enough to keep up with the ever-increasing demands of their sales network.
  • Due to having a large quantity of different products, it was difficult to keep up with all the product updates.
  • It wass inconvenient to show products using traditional paper catalogs, which made displaying products cumbersome.

Their Requirements:

For internal staff:

  1. Unified management of product information, updated in real-time
  2. Staying updated on sales representatives’’ situations with their customers, thus optimizing sales management.
  3. Uploading training manuals, which help new employees to become familiar with the business.

For customers of the company:

  1. Displaying products to customers via a more professional approach.
  2. Allowing offline product display and order placement.
  3. A quick searching algorithm that ensures efficiency when exhibiting products.
  4. Sharing products and orders through email, WeChat or other applications.

Bad experiences with other apps:

Attempt one – online store:

  • Although online stires are the hottest B2B sales model, theydon’t work well for the medical industry since the government has placed strict regulations on the sale of prescription drugs. Furthermore, start-up companies often don’t have enough capital, manpower, or time to develop their own website.

Attempt two – an app by unprofessional workshop:

  • After spending countless hours entering product information, Jin Jie ran into some problems. They couldn’t get into contact with the software company that developed the app, andsoon become aware that these low-end apps were all developed by small, “indie” companies that consists of only a few developers, so there’s no guarantee in the quality of the product. All of their previous efforts were in vain, and they were forced to look for an alternative solution.

Best solution – Showcase:

  • Through Showcase’s back-end management system, Jin Jie was able to manage all of their products efficiently and set up browsing permissions of products for each user.
  • Once a sales representative updates a product’s information, those viewing offline can display the latest information as well. The catalogue shows a comprehensive display of products on the app with their name, price, thumbnail, etc.
  • Searching for products is reliable and quick, increasing work efficiency.
  • Sales representatives can set various discounts, making sales flexible and increasing the close rate.
  • Product and order information can be shared and approved immediately, effectively avoiding errors.
  • Sales data can be uploaded to the back-end in real time. After inputting and uploading order information, a PDF order form will be automatically generated, which provides management personnel with a better understanding of business revenue.

Our customer’s voices:

Sales representative:

“A lightweight tablet allows us to shift away from the cumbersome products catalog that we previously use to display products. Showcase gives us a better solution to displaying our products. Half the effort, twice the result.”

Management personnel:

“At first I thought that Showcase’s price is a bit high, however after some thought, the cost of Showcase is nothing compared to the cost of making print catalogues and processing data. After using Showcase for a while, I can say that it has definitely delivered, meeting and exceeding everyone’s expectations. In addition to being a powerful software, it operates smoothly. Their customer service and technical team is very reliable; we get timely responses when problems occur, and receive assistance from technical professionals. As a manager, I really appreciate that Showcase can export orders directly from the back-end, which lets me fully assess the current sales situation. Showcase has been incredibly valuable to us, greatly increasing our work efficiency.”