Closing the Deal With Photos

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Closing the Deal With Photos

Want to close the deal? The simple addition of a photo in a quote can increase…

1) Loyalty

Adding a photo can increase trust and brand loyalty in the product and company. In a Bain & Company study analyzing online loyalty, it was found that brand trust and loyalty can increase per-purchase spending by 80% over just 10 purchases and lead to seven referrals.

2) Clarity

A 2013 Wall Street Journal study found that customers were less satisfied when making purchases online, despite eCommerce being the preferred method of shopping. The reason? According to the Harvard Business Review, a lack of photos puts a curtain up between consumers and producers, and that curtain can lead to frayed expectations, uncertainty, and loss of sales. Much like during the shopping process, adding photos to the checkout process puts customers at ease.

3) Aesthetic appeal

It’s become clear that today’s world demands high-quality design and images, which can make or break online shopping companies. So why shouldn’t the online payment process also incorporate quality designs? With Showcase, companies can maintain the aesthetic appeal of online shopping even during the not-so-appealing check  out process.
Showcase’s quote and order generator can build a simple, and effective PDF with images to help you improve your selling process and experience.

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