Release Notes: iPad 1.7.1 & Android 1.3.0

Bluetooth Barcode Scanning with Showcase
June 11, 2015
Sending a Product Hot-Sheet
July 2, 2015
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Release Notes: iPad 1.7.1 & Android 1.3.0

Your next Showcase updates for iOS and Android are ready for download:

  • Showcase for iPad is now compatible with Bluetooth barcode scanning devices. You can use a scanner to:
    • Search for items in the Product Catalog.
    • Add items to orders in the Order Builder
  • You can now assign customers to individual Showcase users – now you can segment your sales base by rep. Available on both iPad and Android.
    • In addition, customer records created on a device will be automatically assigned to that user’s account.
  • The bug that caused issues with newer iPads running iOS version 8.3 has been fixed.
  • We added thumbnails, fixed display issues, and enhanced the search functionality of the Media Library PDF viewer on the iPad.



Learn how to assign customers to users

Bluetooth barcode scanning video link

Learn to use Bluetooth barcode scanners

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