Client Spotlight: RizzoRizzo

Showcase Mobile App Named Technology of the Year at Corp! DiSciTech Awards
April 23, 2014
App Release Notes: v. 1.6 iOS and v. 1.1 Android
April 28, 2014
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Client Spotlight: RizzoRizzo

RizzoRizzo is a full-service creative services company dedicated to producing high-definition, high-impact video and print material for a wide variety of clientele including industrial, manufacturing, and corporate clients. They selected Showcase as the best tool to deliver and display content for a national agricultural client, Security Seed. Why?

“Bottom line: it’s a spectacular field marketing tool for our largest client.” says Mick Rizzo, President.

“It allows us to have total control over the branding of so many different touch points,” says Michael Rizzo, Chief Creative Officer.

In addition, Showcase provides them:

  1. High Value Add/Low Cost: RizzoRizzo acts as the Showcase sales library administrator on behalf of their client, ensuring that all the end-users have to do is tap a button on their app to get any updated information. For a small expense and low effort, RizzoRizzo provides state-of-the-art technology with no burden to the customer.
  2. Premium Quality: Showcase runs on high-resolution tablets, and provides the perfect platform to maintain HD/4K video quality. That high-resolution also means print material that looks hot off the presses. It supports multiple file types to add presentations, brochures, sell sheets, Word and Excel docs, and more.
  3. Brand Integrity: If a video becomes outdated, no longer jives with marketing objectives, or is replaced with a new version, RizzoRizzo can switch files in Showcase in less than a minute, ensuring that the old video is no longer available to users (and that the new one is). This allows for quick and easy maintenance of brand integrity without hounding hundreds of sales people to make the change.

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